Someone’s got a case of the Mondays

I think it’s this guy. That grey, rubbery face needs another cup of coffee.

So, today Sci was going to blog about ethanol. It was, in fact, going to be probably a double post, the first on the pharm and the second on the addiction issues. And of course, leigh was there BEFORE ME. (Shakes fist). Luckily for me, however, she DIDN’T go into the whole alcohol addiction thing! It’s a great post on pharmacology, and you should check it out, but you should ALSO wait, with baited breath, for my post on alcohol addiction and how we currently think it works (currently).
Other things have caught my attention on the internet this week First of all, hat tip to the awesome GrrlScientist for pointing me toward this awesome website. It’s called And it answers all the little questions you always wanted to know: how does one successfully nail Jell-O to a vertical surface? How much candy can REALLY fill a pillowcase, and how many houses would you have to visit? How many condoms can fit on a penis (do NOT try this at home)? And so forth. My personal favorite is the question of whether or not Viagra will help keep your flowers fresh (though I’m sure you probably have better things to be doing with your Viagra prescription).

Finally, I direct you to Deep Sea News. They are having a SEX WEEK!!! I might have to submit my Friday Weird Science, though I hear they’re more interested in those of the spineless variety. Still, it’s going to be some hot stuff!
You see? Totally hot.

2 Responses

  1. I also loved the Viagra/flowers one the best. It reminded me of an old poster showing that melatonin helps flowers grow – I bet daedalus2u will be here soon: this is bound to trigger thoughts of NO.

  2. “I think it’s this guy. That grey, rubbery face needs another cup of coffee.”
    That is just a black and white picture of me on the sidebar, Sci. You know full well that my face is not actually grey or rubbery in real life. I could probably do with a little caffeine, though. 😛

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