Basking in the Dopamine Glow

Sometimes, the world gets Sci down a little. Perhaps it’s being a whole YEAR old. That’s very old indeed in bloggy years. Ok, it’s not as old as the ancients who started back in ’04. They’re REALLY old. So maybe Sci is just entering blog middle age.
Be that as it may, Sci need to raise her spirits. And she’s going to do it in the only way Sci CAN: with chocolate, and with one hell of an amazing paper.
First, here’s your chocolate:
Chocolove’s Crystallized Ginger in Dark Chocolate Bar. This is Sci’s favorite chocolate. Easy to get, rich, dark, and makes you feel kind of healthy while you’re eating it. After all, both dark chocolate and ginger are supposed to be good for you! But really, the dark chocolate on this is lovely and rich, and the crystallized ginger adds both the sweetness and the spice. Lovely. Sci has also been known to enjoy the dark chocolate with raspberries in it.
And now, here’s your paper! I warn you, this one is technical. Explanations ahead. Possibly also drawings. Which may be very bad. We all know how much I suck at art… Gubernator et al. “Flourescent flase neurotransmitters visualize dopamine release from individual presynaptic terminals” Science, 2009.
(Your taste of things to come).

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