Happy Blogiversary to Me…

Today is the day. Today, one year ago, the very first post went up at Sci’s old place.
*sniff* (single, nostalgic tear)

I can’t believe it’s been a year. I still feel so…young. So uncertain. And yet, there are so many posts. Hundreds. I must have blogged well over 200 pages of material in the last year.
Some cultures (I don’t remember which, but I swear I read it somewhere) have a tradition that you give other people gifts on your birthday. I prefer to GET gifts on my birthday, but Sci is more generous. And she has some people she owes. And what are you all getting?! You’re getting CAKE! LET THEM EAT CAKE!
(Sci loves cake. A lot. It is my opinion that the most important part of any occasion is what kind of cake you’re going to have at it.)
I couldn’t have done it without Evil. Without Evil, I wouldn’t be at Scienceblogs. I owe that guy. Evil, for you!
And Sci would not be Sci without Bora. Bora, the blogfather. 🙂 He was there on the day Scicurious was born, and has mentored her, encouraged her, and passed her all the good news and all the weird science. Bora, for you!
Sci also loves Scienceblogs, the collective that has been her home for the last few months. It’s a turbulent ride, but she loves them all like family. No matter how much you love them, hate them, or how much they just get on your nerves, you…love them anyway. Sciblings, past and present, for you:
And I couldn’t have done it without the readers. No blogger likes to yap at an empty vacuum, you know. Though I’d like to think I’d pontificate no matter how many people read, having good readers helps make blogging worthwhile. So thank you, to all the readers and bloggers, who are my audience, my friends, and my mentors. For the great discussions, the appreciation of Sci’s horrible sense of humor, and for always being willing to call me out when I’m wrong. For you!
Ok, ok. I couldn’t let this one go.
And here’s to another year of neuroscience, weird science, and physiology. Who knows? I might even know what I’m doing at the end of it.

19 Responses

  1. Congrats!
    (I love your sense of humour, Sci)

  2. Hey, I share a birthday with your blog! Awesome! Happy birthday, Sci-blog 🙂

  3. Congratulations, Sci! Sb is definitely better for having you on board!

  4. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with for year 2!

  5. Happy Blogiversary and hopefully many more.

  6. congrats, Sci!!! i love the cakes, too. YAY!

  7. Congrats! Looking forward to many more years!!

  8. hahaha awesome. The brain cake is amazing, I must admit my first reaction was to try and name all the different bits of it.
    Wow only a year, well done!

  9. Happy bloggiversary Sci. It’s an honour to blog next to you.

  10. Happy Blogiversary, Sci!
    I like the Brain Cake the best. 🙂

  11. Taaassssty brain!
    Happy Blogiversary.

  12. Yay! Happy Blogiversary. Also, your cakes make me hungry. Also ZOMG SPRINKLES!!! Though that last one gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “loose their junk over sprinkles”…

  13. Wow, only a year and how many thousands of words? And not just any words. You show me up for the slacker I am, Sci. Congratulations.

  14. Happy blogiversary!
    I love that last cake. The sprinkles really make it perfect.

  15. Yay, it’s also Sciday!!!

  16. I was told there’s cake here. I’ll even eat some of that last one if nobody else is.

  17. Merry Blogiversary, Scicurious! *tinks glasses*

  18. Wiener Cake! w00t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Oh no! I missed the blogiversary! Hope it was a good party.

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