For the rain, it raineth every day

Or at least it raineth a LOT today. Going for a run in the rain makes Sci feel very badass, but it also makes life around the southeast EXTREMELY humid and nasty. It is now May, and it’s official, nothing will be truly dry until at least October.
But luckily for all of you, there’s some good things on the internets to keep us all distracted from the piles of rain flooding the east coast (for those of you elsewhere, think of us as you slather on your SPF 30 like good little boys and girls).
1) Scientia Pro Publica! A new carnival from the fertile brain of GrrlScientist, it’s a blog that covers everything on science and evolution. This month’s is up at Deep Thoughts and Silliness from the adorable Bob O’Hara. Not to give anything away, but it’s the swine flu edition.
And we’re in it! Not for swine flu, I leave the likes of that to the people who know it best. Instead, we’re in it for bornean frogs and their sweet, sweet, inaudible music.
2) As some of you may be aware, Sci is rapidly approaching the time when they will kick her out of the womb of the Ivory tower, and into the cold, hard world, where people have to worry about things like “taxes” and “housing” and “life”. And Drugmonkey has come to my rescue (and the rescue of many others who are looking for post-docs around this time), with a GREAT post on how to look for post-docs, which will hopefully be followed by what do consider when you get an offer. Required reading, all ye in the writing phase.
3) In the realm of sad things: it turns out Elsevier teamed up with Merck to publish a fake journal, filled with snippets of articles that support Merck pharmaneuticals. This has pissed a number of people off, and with good reason! Unfortunately, unless there’s enough anger to really make the data hit the fan, it seems like Elsevier will continue to get away with this sort of thing. The publishing giant controls a boatload of journals, many of which are highly regarded in fields like Sci’s, and profs will thus continue publishing there for the sake of their careers. I do hope, though, that I’m wrong.
4) And finally: Wolves. Just in time for the Wolverine movie, Ed has written on bone-crushing super wolves!!!! I don’t suppose they looked like this?
Now THAT is worth going back to the Ice Age for…

5 Responses

  1. “X-men Origins: Wolverine” was pretty good. Liev Schreiber was superbly menacing and Hugh Jackman was suitably buff and gruff. They did a fair job of integrating this movie with the history set up in the X-men trilogy, and the humor was delicious.

  2. Hugh Jackman is so hot.

  3. And he could make cole slaw in like no time flat.

  4. Thanks for the link to the postdoc post – and for the sample letter you posted afterward. I’m nowhere near writing, but future considerations are starting to niggle their way around some section of my brain.
    I agree with JLK. The first scene just outside the cottage… oh my.
    You will leap from the Ivory Tower and soar competently to another roost (where you may get goslings of your own!) 😉

  5. rain + humidity: worst timing ever to be cutting tissue sections. argh!!!

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