Heppy Urf Dai!

Oh hai. In teh beginnin Ceiling Cat maded teh skiez An da Urfs, but he did not eated dem.
Anyway, today is Earth Day. Sci is spending it in grad student fashion: in the lab. But she has some resolutions to make. not that I was TAGGED, Mike. *sniff* MIKE DOESN”T CARE ABOUT SCI!!!!
sad cat.jpg
Anyway, Sci would like to make some resolutions. It helps that nothing is working in the lab today, and so Sci has time to implement at least one of her plans.
Small: Sci will remember to keep her cloth grocery bags in the car, so she won’t forget them and have to get plastic bags from the store.
Bigger: Sci wants to start walking to work in the summer, while it’s warm. It’s about a 30 minute walk either way, but there’s less going on in the summer and Sci feels she can swing it.
Better: Sci is a printer. She likes to print LOTS of papers and data files and stuff. These are big and bulky, and really serve no purpose except to make Sci feel she’s getting work done. Sci is going (relatively) paperless! She’s getting rid of her huge numbers of printouts, and will not print more than she has to, to save space and trees.
And this is a MEME! You know you wanna:
Dr. Isis
the Sciencewomen
And finally, just in time for Earth Day, there’s a new blog at Scienceblogs! Welcome Guilty Planet, a new blog devoted to the not-at-all simple task of saving the planet from us.

6 Responses

  1. A few years back at work, I discovered the printer setting that would print two doc pages per one side of a 8.5X11 paper, and printing on both sides I cut down the paper use four-fold. Now I work from home and all my meetings are over the phone, and I haven’t made a printout in over a year!

  2. Aw, fuck.
    I’ll go work on it…..

  3. how can i disobey a tag from the illustrious Sci? here ya go! a great way to wind down a bit.

  4. ah yes, arvind has a good point. when i print out a chapter draft for me, i print it 2 pages/side and print on both sides. for the boss, i just print double sided so the print is larger. lots of paper saved.

  5. See, Sci, this is why I love reading your blog. Witty, perceptive, grad student science blogger…not afraid to quote from the Ceiling Cat Bible.

  6. Grocery bags – yay, good plan
    Paperless – yay, good plan
    Walking – nah. Get a bike! Much more fun, you look way cooler and you get to feel all smug and superior. Just watch out for vans, recently discovered that they hurt…
    For my part I’m pushing my office into sorting out the recycling (currently as good as non-existent), implementing a policy whereby you get fired instantly for leaving lights on without good purpose and banning bottled water on pain of death.

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