The virus spreads

Ok, well, my cold is also spreading to the other parts of my body. There are interviews and meetings today, and Sci only hopes that she can get through them without her voice going completely kaput. Though right now, she sounds VERY low and sexy.
(Sci’s voice)
Anyway, other viruses are spreading. Like Twitter. I’ve been encouraged by some to get a Twitter account. And so Sci has given in. You can follow me on Twitter now. If you care, and if I have anything at all to say. Perhaps I shall post witty things like “OMG!!! Totally awesome paper in J. Neuroscience!”
And finally, the last virus. The good virus. DIscovered via the adorable Mrs. Whatsit (wish I had thought of that handle first), and of course the ever glamorous Dr. Isis. Remember this? It just got better.

Sing it with me! Geeeeeeeeeeeee T, C, A!!!! Geeeeeeeeeeeee T C A!!!!!

One Response

  1. I can’t get enough of that video! All day yesterday I had Geeeeeee, T, C, A going through my head. And my baymate has taken to singing it. And I don’t even mind!

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