Leaving your mouth open in the internet tidal wave

I know the A Few Things Ill Considered likes to use the phrase “sipping from the internet firehose“. I love that phrase, it brings across very well just how much is out there and how, if you are not careful, it will pin you to the wall and smush your internal organs through the pressure. But I also feel like the internet is a tidal wave. It’s ginormous and all around you, and if you stand there with your mouth open, you will catch just the tiniest bit of it. You will also drown. All the flotsam and jetsam in it probably counts as all of the porn.
So he sips from the firehose. Sci leaves her mouth open in the tidal wave.
And here’s what I spat out as I lay on the shore like a beached fish:
First off, there’s a new blog afoot (“ablog”? “A-internet”?). Behold Alex Wild, and the new Scienceblog Photo Synthesis. There are some truly intense, amazing photos, as well as some awesome posts on ants.
Secondly, Bora is trying to outdo poor, innocent Sci! He has started re-posting his Friday Weird Sex Blogging posts! The one on “penis fencing” is pretty freakin awesome. While Sci throttles down her jealousy, you should check them out, esp if you only come here for the Weird Science (yeah, yeah, I know).
Finally…this is not internet-related. Well, it sort of is. At Science Online 09, you see, Sci got to meet fellow blogger and kick-ass artist Glendon Mellow. Sci has always admired his trilobites, and wished for one of her own, but life on a grad-student stipend doesn’t really allow for such things. However, Mr. SiT, being the awesome and wonderful person he is, heard Sci’s pleas for art and beauty in her drab little life. And he got her this. I LOVE IT. It’s the perfect piece for me. I love the kind of loneliness, and unsure attitude that I can see in the trilobite, used to the dark and now in this glaring spotlight. And of course I had to email Glendon and fan-girl at him about it for a bit.

3 Responses

  1. Thanks for mentioning Glendon Mellow. I hadn’t heard of him before, so I clicked on the links and was amazed by his art. Really beautiful! So, now I have a new blog to add to my feed reader.

  2. I love that picture! I am so happy you got to have it!
    On the other hand, I am not sure that a title about your mouth wide open should be on top of the post that mainly links to penises…

  3. In an experiment in the meta-nature of the internet perhaps you could get someone to write a simple, unremarkable and fairly uninteresting post about the recursive and self-referential nature of the internet. Then get everyone in Sciblogs to write a post about this post. Followed by a second post about how everyone was commenting on the first.
    In effect creating a self-licking ice cream cone of an internet gravity well.
    On the up side is everyone, with the exception of PZ who has gone to registration and will see only a muted result, a result that even full force wouldn’t cause much of a blip in his huge numbers, sees a an upturn in hits. There is also the shear sci-fun, let’s pull the lever and see what happens, experimental aspect.
    The internet is a huge virtual ocean driven by currents and tides of sex, loneliness, self-satisfied ranting, fear, anger, alienation, curiosity and greed, It would be interesting to see if this little community can in some controllable way influence the shape of the storm.

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