*BANG!* *POW!*

For some reason, every time I write things like “bang!” “pow!”, I want to write something like “zowie!” But this is odd, as “zowie” is not an onomatopoeia. Unless it is. Is it?
Anyways, there’s a new blogger out there in the blogsphere!!! He is called Starts with a Bang. He writes about
tinfoil hats. You should check this out. Also, apparently he’s one of those American Gladiator people:
(Sci wishes she had a foam bat. Life in the lab would be SO much more fun!)
And also, Isis only has a few days to go on her awesome APS award funding! So you should click on her blog. A lot. Ooooh, especially this one. Stuff like that makes Sci REALLY wish she still had a TV.
Finally, reader and friend of the blog Tony has done something COMPLETELY AWESOME. He took that little humble picture of Sci’s brain up there, and played with it. And it went from this:
to this:
IS THAT COMPLETELY AWESOME OR WHAT?!?!! It looks so cool. Sci might have to make it her new colorful and awesome pic!! Many sweet science thoughts to Tony!

One Response

  1. ooh, that is a neat version of your brain! you should use that as your self-portrait.
    also, i just noticed the beautiful little pyramidal neuron in your blog title. very cool.

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