Verbose, long-winded
Sci’s 2,000 words a day
Now, only haikus.

Morning, groggy dawn
Exhaustion, be kept at bay
I need more coffee.
Encephalon’s up!
Sci’s a loser, not in it.
Read it anyway!
Depression, morose
Janet has outed poor Sci
Weird Fridays, no more.

, also Janet
Has only a few days left
Click on her blog. Click!

6 Responses

  1. 2000 words in
    Seventeen syllable chunks?
    You are really nuts!

  2. No verbosity!
    Posts of hot science need space
    For explanations!

  3. But, dear cicely
    theories parsimonious
    require succinct words

  4. Succintness is nice,
    But thorough explication
    Cries out for more words.
    The science-deprived
    Require a little context
    For understanding.

  5. The science-deprived
    Require more explication
    Trying to catch up.

  6. Some redundancy,
    Caused by evil Russian ‘bots.
    I ask forgiveness.
    (Okay, I’ll stop now.
    Rising to haiku challenge
    Is knee-jerk response.)

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