Tuesday Happenings

First, a reminder to everyone to please take the condom breakage survey! Click Here to take survey. I will try to post results at the end of the week.
Second, the latest edition of Giant’s Shoulders is out over at the Evilutionary Biologist. And we’re in it, for the post on Death that proved I have never read Frankenstein. So you should read. 🙂
Not only that, the latest edition of Encephalon is out over at Ionian Enchantment! And Neurotopia is in it for the series of depression posts that have been eating my life.
And there’s a ton of great stuff that’s been going around on the blogs, especially related to academia, and to those of us working our way through grad school purgatory.
Over at I Love Science, Really, there’s a great post on keeping up with the scientific literature. I just discovered I Love Science, Really (can I abbreviate it something like “ILSR”?) and she’s got a great tone. Check it out! And to second her point: junior grad students, start reading. NOW. I am not kidding. Take copious notes on your readings, organize them obsessively, and know exactly where they are. You will thank us later.
Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde has a post up on the fear of scooping. Despite how we all like to talk about science being an open and happy environment, the fact is that there’s a lot of politics, and everyone lives in the fear of being…scooped. I now have moments of panic whenever anything comes out that even remotely resembles my thesis topic, because, though you COULD publish the least publishable unit and get it all out there ASAP, there’s something to be said for fleshing it out and publishing a lovely story. But only as long as no one does it before you do.
And in the vein of politics in science, Youngfemalescientist has a post up asking what happened to scientific discourse. It made me very worried, because I know a lot of what she’s talking about. Check it out.
And Finally, leigh has posted a GREAT post on opioid pharmacology. I’m now super pissed at her because she beat me to it. I planned to do that next week, leigh!!! But in the end, it’s all right, as she probably did the better job. 🙂

2 Responses

  1. you were busy knocking out that rockin’ series of depression posts anyway. i’m sure those did eat your life for a while! 🙂 thanks for the cool links, i am going to be checking some of these out when (if?) i find some time.

  2. Thanks for the link love, Sci!

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