Sorry guys, my “nonprofessional” subscription to SurveyMonkey was apparently not enough for the power of the hordes. 🙂 And I’m totally thrilled that so many people want to take the survey!!! So Dave Munger of Cognitive Daily has been gracious enough to host my survey on his professional-type SurveyMonkey.
Please do try again if it was closed the last time you tried! Together we can do science!* And now we can handle the high n’s, and high n’s are always better! Please share with your friends! And in the comments on the survey, please try to keep it clinical. My cat reads over my shoulder sometimes.
*Of course all information entered will be completely confidential. I will be using this survey exclusively for the purposes of enlightening the internet, and possibly enlightening the people who take it when they see the results. There is no obligation to take the survey and you may exit at any time.
The new survey can be found here: Click Here to take survey
Same questions, so if you’ve taken it before, you don’t need to do it again.

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  1. hehe, I accidently read the disclaimer as ‘you may exist at any time’.
    The posts on depression sound awesome, and wo0t for covering a very important issue that really not enough people think about. I’m really busy dissertationing at the moment, but I’m planning on reading them at some point, so expect random comments from old blog posts 🙂

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