Animal Rights Extremists firebomb researcher’s car

In case you hadn’t heard, a UCLA researcher had his car firebombed recently. You can get the story here.

The firebombing is one in a series of aggressive acts aimed at university researchers who use animals in medical studies, UCLA spokesman Phil Hampton said. In other cases, firebombs have been left on doorsteps and in homes, vehicles have been vandalized and researchers have received threatening phone calls and e-mails.

I always find it amusing how these animal extremist psychos don’t seem to care about the possibility of innocent humans getting caught up in their little incendiary pastimes. No wait, it’s not funny at all, because innocent people are innocent animals as well, but apparently they don’t count for some cryptic reason. Maybe little Julie or Timmy had the misfortune to be born into a family with a researcher in it. To bad, so sad. Up in flames.
Which makes those self-loathing ALF dingleberries a bunch of hypocritical douchenozzles. But, it’s good to see that this particular form of terrorism is finally getting taken seriously–

Eimiller said the investigation of Saturday’s incident will be conducted by a Joint Terrorism Task Force that includes the FBI, the LAPD, the Los Angeles Fire Department, the UCLA Police Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
The Animal Liberation Front posted a message on its website Monday from a group that claimed responsibility for the firebombing.
UCLA is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone involved in the incident.

If you know anything, turn these assholes in.

12 Responses

  1. If the guy had been taking his dog to the vet, do you think the people that planted the bomb would’ve committed seppuku when they found out?
    Probably not. Most of the time to people like that the movement seems to be more important than the actual results.
    Just like I’m equally certain that whenever one of these assholes gets sick they go straight to an evil doctor and get a drug that was probably tested on animals. Can’t keep fighting the “good” fight unless they’re alive after all.
    They probably value human life as long as its their own.

  2. douchenozzles – A term I’ve not seen before. Must be my sheltered existence. I like it though – very evocative.
    Cowardly, hypocritical ALF bastards need to go to jail though regardless of what inspires them.

  3. Holy shit!! Fucking violent nutcases!!
    While I’m unequivocal in my disgust at such violent behavior, I hope it doesn’t diminish the validity of the broader question of the place of animals in human societies and their right to exist regardless of their utility to humans. I’m quite often torn between my support for science and my love for animals. I wouldn’t want to go at length into that digression here, because this thread is neither the time nor the place considering how close to home this incident might be hitting you. [Gregory (comment #15) from this old post from Dr.Stemwedel comes closest to my beliefs]

  4. count me in as having uttered a lot of profanity upon reading this story. what the fuck kind of hypocrisy is this bullshit?

  5. I saw this news Friday evening, it marred an otherwise happy day
    Seriously though, condemnations from UCLA officials and police investigations are useful but where are the colleagues, friends. supporters, students, and in some cases patients, of the scientists who are being attacked? A message needs to be sent to these terrorists that their bullying will not be tolerated and that there are many, many people in LA who are willing to stand up and show solidarity with the people who are being attacked.

  6. Paul Browne
    I appreciate and share your sentiment but bullying is when you picket and elbow or shoulder brush someone trying to pass. This was a cowardly, terrorist act of attempted murder. The resistance to such tactics needs to be strong and the punishment brutal. The loons and their money need to be locked up.

  7. MikeMa, I did refer to them as terrorists, and the term “bullying” can cover some pretty extreme behavior.
    Whatever we call what the ALF is doing we need to see people in the streets showing solidarity with the people who are being attacked and contempt for the ALF scum who attack them
    Just like the people of Ireland are doing right now with respect to the terrorists of real and continuity IRA

  8. The number of dogs and cats abandoned at shelters by otherwise well-intentioned pet owners vastly dwarfs the number of dogs and cats used in research. Let’s stop the former before we criticize the latter. (Yes, some of the former end up being the latter–and your point is?)

  9. For my part, I have never heard of or seen any animal research facility that gets experimental animals from shelters, either as a policy or a “one-time thing”. It’s just bad science, I don’t know any ACUC that would allow it, and the quarantine issues alone would make it untenable.

  10. Actually, Evil Monkey, I believe that using unclaimed-on-the-euth-docket-shelter-animals for research is allowed by some IACUCs, as evidenced by IACUC and AALAC re-certification exams that I have taken which issue extensive questions about the procedures for obtaining these animals.
    (While the idea of using stray dogs and cats makes me somewhat squeamish, I submit for the sake of people worried about lost pets ending up as research subjects that there are extensive qualifiers about a) how long the animal has been in the care of the shelter, and b) what procedures have been enacted to attempt to find the rightful owner. The time periods and procedures for trying to find owners before releasing that animal to a research program are far more generous than the same limitations for the shelter simply euthanizing the unwanted animals due to lack of space…as such I think it’s unlikely that there are many animals used for research from this source. Shelters probably euth them long before the term is up for releasing them to research.)
    I have absolutely no idea how often research animals are really obtained in this manner as the problems with shelters not euthing them first, plus quarantine issues, as well as having consistent sampling from a very diverse population of animals (not to mention the nightmare of bureaucracy) seem to outweigh the benefits.
    It seems to me that these policies are still on the books (thus technically allowed) but are unlikely to be used by researchers very frequently if at all.

  11. We’re having a debate about the extremist group Sea Shepherd on my marine biology blog. Several supporters of Sea Shepherd have actually claimed that sharks and whales have more of a right to exist than humans do.

  12. There are plenty of animal rights crazies in every field. Recently, when a spearfisherman killed a tiger shark in self defense, the shark conservation group “SharkLife” posted his contact information online and told members to tell him how they felt about this incident.
    We’re discussing this incident on my blog here:

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