In which Sci is FAMOUS

I feel so famous. Really. Like this:
Only without the 80’s apparel.
So why do I feel famous? Two reasons:
1) Dr. Pal mentioned Sci in his PalCast! It gave Sci a warm glow inside. The PalCasts are some great stuff, btw. All we need to do now is get them on my ipod (*cough cough* Pal, get on iTunes *cough cough*) so that Sci can be running around the lab with her experiments while listening. I don’t sit still very well in general.
2) Because Open Lab is out!!! Open Lab 2008 is a compilation of the best in scienceblogging for the year. And Sci’s in it for my post “Uber Coca, by Sigmund Freud” about Freud’s relatively little known experimentation with cocaine. It’s such a wonderful honor to be in a book with so many huge bloggers and incredible writers, there’s really come awesome stuff in tyhere. So now, you can buy Scicurious in PRINT. You know you want to. Scicurious would like to note that if she had a personal print, it would be plaid, with patent leather detailing. I might just have to go over there and buy myself.

6 Responses

  1. Congrats supastar! But I have to ask… in the artist’s rendition of your fame, wtf is that girl in the black shirt doing to that wall?? And in the middle of a high school hallway?? lolz.

  2. heh…Dr. Pal…Sci now feels sheepish.

  3. Or the 80s hair.

  4. Congrats!!! And to continue on Arikia’s tangent, is the person who is mid-air humping the head of the person in front?

  5. Way to go Sci – you seriously rock. And I mean that in the most 80’s way possible. Shall immediately sign up for my copy. Hope for signature when next we meet face to face.
    Keep hopping – keep bopping – and ditch the hair-do!

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