Fund this R01 This Time!!

When Sci gets in a parody-ing mood, all sorts of things come out. Evil things. Things like this. I blame Isis for what is about to follow. Her love of Spears is well-known, though I imagine the goddess will never have to plead for funding in this manner.

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Why I’m a Scientist

You know that huge “25 things” meme going around Facebook? I hate those things. I’ve got something like 20 notes now that have me “tagged”. I kind of want to fill it out, and it would look something like this:
1) I hate memes
2) I really hate memes where people try too hard to be witty
3) I think this meme sucks
…and so on.
But once in a while I come across a meme that I think is worthy of Sci’s time and attention (my attention is in fact very cheap and easily caught by things that are shiny. My time, however, requires something like three week’s notice, a follow-up email, and a personal organizer. Sci got a lot goin’ on.) This one isn’t a meme really, it’s more a question going around the blogs:
Why am I a Scientist?
I like questions that are not yet memes, and this one is certainly thought-provoking, esp as I get to a rather life-changing segment of my career. For several great takes on this question, I’d recommend two of my fav peeps, JLK, Leigh (the kind of scientist Sci always wishes she was), the ever awesome Physioprof, and Ambivalent Academic (who started it all, and I’m really looking forward to the next few posts. I think Ambivalent Academic might actually be my mind-twin or something).
So this question got me thinking. A lot. Why AM I a scientist?

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Depression Part 2: Pharmacotherapies

In my previous depression post, I talked about the symptoms and characterization of depression. In this one, I want to talk about what’s out there to treat it.

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Friday Weird Science: Of Testicles and Cocks

I love when I can talk about science while using words like “testicles” and “cocks”. I really should have gone into something like urology, only then I know people would probably be all serious about it. And where’s the fun in that?
Anyway, today’s Weird Science comes to you courtesy of Monica, an awesome reader of the blog at Purdue. Monica found this study courtesy of Dr. John Anderson’s Endocrinology class (Bio 559) at Purdue, which she says was amazingly awesome. I personally think any class devoted entirely to endocrinology would be pretty awesome, and when you add in a paper about testicle transplants in cocks? Heh. Heh. I would have LOVED to take that class.
(Side note: should anyone come across a paper that they happen to think is gloriously weird, do drop me a line! I’d love to hear it and it may end up on the blog! I’m always looking for new material.) Berthold, A. “The transplantation of testes” Bulletin of the History of Medicine, 1944.

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Your Daily LoLz

Today I present a “guest” post from reader of the blog Martin! I do not personally Twitter, because I have FAR too many distractions in my day without adding another way to be connected. But I feel this captures the essence of Twitter. And I really like the last line.:)
Apparently it has a tune, but apparently his voice curdles cheese, so I don’t get to hear the tune. I am waiting for the souped up YouTube video complete with synth music and montages. Everything is better with an 80’s montage.
on twitter
copyright 2009
Martin Richard

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Got PMS? Take Two Antidepressants, and Call Me in the Morning

Sci’s going to go ahead and admit, the last few weeks have been a little…brutal. Ok, maybe a LOT brutal. Grad school can be tough at times, and involve days that leave Scicurious wiped. But the posts must go on! And so, today your tough little grad student (YTLGS) is fortifying herself with the best cures imaginable, moose munch and liquor, to bring you today’s post.
(By the way, being poor, Sci accepts gifts to her blogging muse in the form of Moose Munch, dark chocolate of any kind, and liquor of all varieties except NightTrain. Contact her for details).
Todays post brought to you by sugar and…fermented sugars. Also the letter S. And the Journal Club that Sci has to give…soon. Very, very soon. Landen, et al. “Short onset of action of a serotonin reuptake inhbitior when used to reduce premenstrual irritability.” Neuropsychopharmacology, 2009.

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Depression: Part 1

I don’t generally miss my old blog, per se. I do kind of miss the layout, and I’ll admit my name was pretty cool. But really, when I miss anything, I miss my old basic science posts I wrote. And since basic science is one of the things I’m all about (along with weird and freaky science, historical science, and…well, stuff), I thought I would repost some of them here. Admittedly, I’m saving them as kind of a cheat. Sci’s got a rather crazy spring semester, and reposting is a wonderful way to save 2-3 hours to do things like work. But also, they never really got a lot of attention on the old blog (Sci was blogging under the radar), and so I would like to bring them into the sun of Scienceblogs, there to get ripped apart and questioned by the ravening masses. I am always looking for ways in which to improve myself.
So here’s the first one, the first in a trio of posts on clinical depression:

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