ScienceOnline ’09 and some Housekeeping

And now we’re back. The last weekend, Sci spent her time at ScienceOnline ’09, the yearly aggregate of science. Every year, the blogging salmon make their way home to spawn, to go to sessions, and, of course, to drink a LOT. It was Sci’s first time, and she had a BLAST. I think I spent half my time running up to people and going “EEEEK! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!” Sci was a very happy geek.
The people I met and blogs you may know:
Adventures in Ethics and Science
Abel Pharmboy
Rebecca Skloot
Highly Allochtha…Allocan…Alll…Chris
Greg Laden
The Fairer Science
Cognitive Daily
White Coat Underground
The Flying Trilobite
Thoughts from Kansas
…argh, the list goes on. There were so many!! And they were all so AWESOME!
And this is where we get into housekeeping. I want to update our little blogroll over there, and I want to make sure that everyone who I adore is on it. So if you would like to be on the blogroll, and you’re not on it, this is entirely due to Sci being forgetful. Believe me, I want to see you everyday on our little sidebar! So if you want teh link loves, please leave a comment, or send me an email, and there will be a sidebar renovation in the next few days. Similarly, if you find your pre-existing link in the sidebar doesn’t work, or goes to the wrong site, or you simply hate me, also leave a comment or an email, and I’ll fix it or take it down once I’m done crying in the corner.
And finally, Giants’ Shoulders went up just as I left for ScienceOnline! And my post on Korsakoff’s Syndrome got in! Check it out, apparently there’s something else in there about porn…

7 Responses

  1. It was incredibly cool to meet you, and your “EEEEK! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!” made. my. conference. I can’t wait to hear more about your project.

  2. At the next meet-up, I’m going to video everyone trying to say ‘Allochthonous’, so I’d get practicing if I were you…
    Great to meet you finally!

  3. Great to see you again Sci! and by the way EEK I LUV UR BLAWG!!!1!

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