Apparently I’m missing things

So apparently there’s a WHOLE NEW SPARKLY SHINY BLOG on here! I think I’m missing emails from teh overlordz here (did I say overlords? I meant protectors!). But anyway, Dr. Pal, formerly of the fabulous denialism blog, has resurrected his OWN blog, White Coat Underground, here at ScienceBlogs! It’s on medical ethics and stuff. It’s very cool. You should look at it.
Other things I’ve been missing include sleep, normal food (dark chocolate M&Ms are the breakfast of champions, or at least the breakfast of grad students, which is totally the same thing), and my sanity. But despite all these things, I’m off into the beyond today to travel to ScienceOnline! I’m totally excited to meet everybody (and I’ll be showing off my fabulous new shoes!) And I’m really excited to be presenting a panel on “Web and the History of Science“! If you’ve ever wondered how I put up those 3,000 word posts, you can find out (it’s not as hard as it might look. If it looks easy, it’s harder than that). I’ll also be hanging around at “Transitions – changing your online persona as your real life changes” with Sciencewoman and Propterdoc.
And here’s hoping I get there in one piece. Sci is navigationally challenged, to say the least. If there is a way to get lost, I WILL find it. And judging from the last few times I’ve traveled around in the South, asking directions will be interesting. Units of distance include things like “a bit”, and “a ways” (which is longer than “a bit”, but shorter than “a distance”), and directions are things like “turn right at the red barn” (the South is FULL of red barns. WHICH ONE?!), and “turn left when you come to the cow pasture” (yet again, WHICH ONE!?). In Google Maps I trust.

3 Responses

  1. The research triangle is (I hear) more silicon valley than southern farmland. I’ve lived in Raleigh for a short while and the whole three university deal makes it far more like a big spread out college town rather than the boondocks.
    Have a fabulous time! And rock the show with them shoes! I hope the videographers know about the collective shoe fetish doing the rounds on scienceblogs and would remember to pan the camera to the shoes at least once for each talk.
    I hope there will also be pictures of rocking assorted talks and bars and restaurants with the shoes!

  2. BACK TO WORK MINION, or I will redact your blog.
    I mean, how can I protect you today?
    ALL YOUR BLOG ARE BELONG TO US!!!!!!!!!!111!!

  3. …*comment redacted*…

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