As I’m sure you guys have heard from the other SBlings, the site is going dormant for a bit while we upgrade to a better publishing platform. You’ll still be able to see the posts, but no new posts will go up, and commenting will be down. This means you MUST COMMENT NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE.
Or at least hold your peace until it comes back up sometime this weekend. And then things will be all better and Sci will be happy because it will be like blogging on WordPress again with the new format. Oooh, I should see if they have a spellchecker…
Awwww…don’t cry. It’s ok! You’ll make it! I know a weekend without scienceblogs is hard, but hey, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? It’ll build character! Be strong! I know a lot of people are blogging over at Comrade PhysioProf’s page, and probably even more are retreating to their old haunts. And you’ll still be able to SEE the posts, it’ll just be Scienceblogs on life support or something.
And you know, you could always try doing something…not on Scienceblogs. Make like Sci, curl up with Moose Much and the latest issue of your favorite journal. Or a book. Or your cat. Or your data, you know, whatever tickles your pickle.

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