Scicurious’ shoe of the…well, Sci’s shoes.

I think you all know by now how happy it makes me to be getting free books in the mail. Well it turns out it makes me just as happy getting SHOES in the mail! When Sci arrived back from her probably-longer-than-she-deserved vacation, she found a box waiting for her. The box was from the illustrious Dr. Isis, and what should it contain, but a pair of Naughty Monkey shoes! I cannot thank Dr. Isis enough, they are so sparkly!
Sci has never owned shoes of such bling in her entire life, and now of course has to find something to go with them. And this being Scienceblogs, I had to include PICTURES! Below the fold:

Here you can see the shoes, in their natural habitat (not on the floor). Actually, they’re really comfortable, and the only pain I got after a while was the pain of standing on your tiptoes for ages.
And here you can see Sci curled up with some hot reading. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!
Unfortunately, Sci’s feet are not really made to wear those beautiful, delicate stillettos ALL the time. So I also thought I would include my best-shoe-in-the-world:
The Nike Air Pegasus for women. These glorious, mid-cushion shoes (good for those with neutral pronation), have cradled Sci’s feet through many weary miles, at least 10 5ks, a similar number of 10ks, and the past three half-marathons. Not the same pair, obviously. I’m a little surprised that they got lower reviews on the website, but slipping my feet into these feels like slipping them into home. They are, of course on the pricey side, but I think they’re worth it. I’m willing to shell out for running shoes.

15 Responses

  1. Scicurious, you are absolutely amazing!!! I cannot wait to stand toe to toe with you and the intern for our trio of Monkeys photoshoot. You know, they come in silver and in gold, so perhaps we should get Sheril and Janet in on the act.

  2. Yay Sci!!!!! Let’s coordinate a night during SO09 to wear them. I’m thinking either the banquet or wine tasting? I only wish Isis could be there with us. I like her idea of having a gang of Monkey girls. Can’t forget about Zuska though!

  3. HA HA HA. Zuska won’t wear the That’s Awesome pump. We could get her some Monkey flats though. Maybe she’s wear those out with us?

  4. That’s a hot pic to come back from lunch and see. Had this post also included some hot science, I’d have scienceblog godesses on the brain all day and get no work done.
    Also kudios on the colors between the shoes (both pairs), red wine, couch, and wood tones. Well done 🙂

  5. Hahaha! It’s my friend’s house, she had the camera. My house is certainly not fit to be seen in the company of such pretty shoes. The red wine was just ’cause we was drinkin’!
    And science will come, Chris, it will come, it just takes a LOT more time than posting about shoes does.

  6. I am craving the Candy Craving naughty flats. The price is a bit high not knowing how they might feel.
    Isis, I do think you need a collage of everyone’s hot shoes on your page to officially ruinz teh scienz.
    sci, we have the same couch. w00t!

  7. Keep watching them, on Amazon JC and they’ll eventually fall to $30 or less.
    And, I haven’t already ruinor teh skeinz by getting Sci to post shoe porn on her very sciencey blog????

  8. ooh, lovely shoes, sci! isis bestows very nice taste upon your feet.

  9. no wai I-storm, you hadz ruinorzz!!11!!! when you got Z-axis and Stemwasssuuupp to post shoes….

  10. That’s awesome! Where are your shoes Brother Drug?

  11. on my feet, Isis, on my feet.

  12. Looks to me like Sci’s got some hot legs to go with them hot shoes!
    And Sci, I just started reading a book I had not read before that I’ll be blogging about soon….it’s about uniting my field with your field…supposedly a new discipline in neuroscience. It’s some pretty sexy stuff as far as I can tell.

  13. Awww, thanks JLK. Sci is very proud of her sexy, half-marathoning legs.
    So, I don’t suppose you want to send me a copy of this book?? Or just send me the title and I’ll get my own copy…I am intrigued…

  14. I hesitate to recommend it yet, because I have only finished 1.5 chapters so it might turn out to be crap. So this is NOT a recommendation, but it’s Daniel Goleman’s book “Social Intelligence.” I got it for xmas from my dad.

  15. Sci: If you ever visit the bar where I work, you better be wearing those shoes. Very sexy!!!

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