Happy Birthday, PLoS ONE!

Although all entries were required to be submitted on Dec. 18th, the REAL birthday of PLoS ONE is today, Dec. 20. Bloggers were asked to submit entries based on articles from PLoS ONE, and the entries would be judged.
And guess what?! SCICURIOUS FOR THE WIN!!! Seriously, I’m so pleased that the judges thought my entry (“Einstein was smart, but could he play the violin?”) was good enough. Sci is still but a young scienceblogger, and it really makes me feel very awesome when something like this happens. Today, Sci is HOT. And she deserves drinks. Many drinks.
The post will be appearing on the PLoS ONE blog and also on A Blog Around the Clock. And I get PRIZES! Sci loves prizes.
And for those who are curious, you should check out the other entries! I particularly like the one representing Cognitive Daily, as well as the one from Podblack (who doesn’t love Podblack, really?).

8 Responses

  1. Today, Sci is HOT
    I think you are HOT every day.

  2. Congratulations for the win!!! 😀 And *blush* for the compliment! 🙂

  3. Congrats, Sci! It couldn’t have happened to a better blogstar!

  4. The cure for boredom, and a host of other evils, is curiosity, especially scicuriosity. There is no cure for scicuriosity.
    Parker’s not around, but she would have made one audacious blogger.
    Well earned win against a tough field of competitors. The prizes better be good, but we can trust our favorite quail.

  5. wow, congrats!

  6. Congrats, SciC!!!!! w00t!!!!!

  7. Congrats! It was a great article!

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