‘Twas the day of experiments, and all through the lab…

Ok, that just gave me an idea for a poem. I think I have to write it.
But first: Giant’s Shoulders went up yesterday at Rigorous trivialities. And we’re in it. So yay. I particularly like the post by bayblab on the rise and fall of phrenology.
And tomorrow is a big day! It’s the day that PLoS is celebrating its birthday!! I wonder what the terrible twos will be like for a Journal. More fights with Nature? So there’s going to be a contest, blogging your favorite paper from PLoS, and whoever wins…wins. See Coturnix for details. I’m totally in, though I’m not sure I’ll have a lot of time to put something really good together. You think I can post more than once?
And now, Sci has to go and run a TON of experiments. The poem will have to wait. But it will happen! I am inspired.

It’s Podcast Time!

Every once in a while I publish a list of my current podcasts. I listen to a LOT of podcats, most of them pretty unrelated to science, but I’ve found a couple of other science bloggers do the same. Moreover, I am ALWAYS looking for new podcast recommendations. I spend a lot of time analyzing my data, and when you’re doing something tedious and mindless, it’s nice to be learning something at the same time. I can always use to improve my trivia skills. So here they are, and I’d love to know what other people think or if they can recommend other cool podcasts! I’ll group them by category, and include some of my likes and dislikes (podcasters voices, in particular, are very important to me, though if the information is good I can get past certain issues).

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