Is there any other cool way to put “there are Carnivals”?

GrrlScientist talks about Carnivalia, Greg Laden has pictures of the scantily clad, how can I distinguish myself when I post about the Carnivals that are out there? I will gladly accept any ideas out there.
But anyway, December Scientiae is up, the HOT version, from Dr. Isis. I wasn’t sure how to contribute to that exactly. Especially because my science doesn’t feel so hot right now, and even Sci’s shoes are not hot, because my feet are little bricks of ice at this time of year. But there’s some especially good stuff up, and I think Twinkel Twinkle YSO is feeling just like I am feeling right about now, except for the whole astronomy thing.
Also, there’s thing new thing around called a MetaCarnival! It basically takes all the Carnival submissions, and apparently picks the best of them. And we here at Neurotopia got picked!! It turns out this is because we made Praxis, which is awesome. I’m very pleased, and am feeling the warm glow of appreciation.
Glow with me:

6 Responses

  1. Das Karnivaal?

  2. Mystic Krewes of Science?

  3. Les carnivalles?

  4. I like today’s Girl Genius quote: “Any sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from science!”

  5. Dave, I know! I love it! But someone else used it one their blog today. Still, I like that one. I’m a girl with needs, ok?

  6. Carnivoracious?

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