InaDWriMo Update

Papers read this week: 14! 21/20 that I wanted to read.
Words written: 3,871 (first 1/3 of paper #1)
You know you’ve got a lot on your plate when you take time off from a conference to WRITE. There’s so much at these conferences (particularly at SFN) that I’m amazed I’m not slack-jawed and drooling yet. Give it another few hours.
But! There is partying too! Tonight, Drugmonkey will be meeting up with people! And I am trying to be there. So if you wanna hang with this here geek (and buy the geek drinks! Please buy her drinks!), email him and get on the list for the location. We shall be geeky together. It will be awesome. I talk GREAT science when I’m blitzed.

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