InaDWriMo Update

Whoops. Apparently I was supposed to give this update on Saturday, but I was busy! Busy working!! In InaDWriMo!
Thus far: papers read: 7 (out of 20). I should clarify that, when Sci reads a paper, she doesn’t just read the abstract and glance at the figures. She reads, takes notes, and puts the relevant notes into a large special book she calls her “dissertation bible”, which is then scanned on a relatively frequent basis so it’s not all lost. It is, all together, a huge example of pathetic geekdom. I read 7 and I am proud.
Paper progress: I have been informed that it would in fact be best to have THREE paper drafts ready by December 1. This adds another level to my panic, obviously. Thus far, paper 1 now has methods, the figures, and the sketching of an introduction. Hopefully by the end of tonight it will have results and a better introduction.
Outside of that, I’ve been prepping a poster for an uncoming conference, running experiments (I am in fact still in the lab, yeah, I know), and writing posts for the glory of the public (one of which gotten eaten by the intertubes, I am SO angry. I put two hours into that thing!). The work must continue! Onward! And someone hand me a caffeine i.v. bag.

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