Thursday Night Show and Tell

Generally, I’m not a political-type blogger. I’m not good at making good statements, even though my opinions are very strong. So I leave political stuff to Evil Monkey. But he’s muttering to himself in the third person again (that sidebar is really starting to get to him), so it is my job to let you know that Seed Media has endorsed Obama. I’m sure you all know this by now. You can read the endorsement here. I like our Seedy Overlords, they have been very nice to me letting me hop on this here blog, and sending all my monies to charities, even working hard to get in touch with them when they’re being ornery (I’m talking to YOU, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! If you want mah monies, you need to CONTACT THEM. If not, I’m defecting to the Hirschburg Foundation. You’ve been warned). I even got a tshirt! As a poor graduate student, I support those who give me free tshirts. Yay Seed!
And now for my Thursday night show and tell: Jonathan Coulton.

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