I don’ wanna work, I just want to play on de blogs all day…

Encephalon is up at Mind Hacks! Check it out, there’s some very cool stuff, including stuff on childhood amnesia, Long term potentiation (a HUGE deal in a neuroscience now), and three awesome posts from The Mouse Trap on maturity and consciousness. There’s also a really cool post from Neurophilosophy on erasing memories.
And there’s a new site up! And it comes recommended with the Sciencewomen seal of approval ™. It’s called Under the Microscope, and is all about encouraging women in science. I am all for this. Everyone should encourage me in science! I need all the help I can get. And the other ladies, too, of course.
And much as I don’ wanna work, it appears I have no choice. Back to life in the lab coupled with my grinding poverty.

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