Morning updates

Lots of stuff going on these past few weeks. Do I have time to actually TELL people about them? Of course not. So ya’ll get my time between meetings today for me to let you know!
First off, everyone probably already knows, but there’s a science blogging conference coming up! It’s Science Online ’09, and it will be my very first big blogging conference. I’ll be there all wide-eyed and naive, if anyone wants to come and make fun of me. And Evil will be there too! If you’re very unlucky, you might come across us being very, very drunk. Do join us!
And also it’s almost time for this year’s Open Lab! You can nominate stuff here:

Personally, I recommend you nominate ME! And all of my glorious older stuff! But of course you can nominate anyone else as well. I won’t be hurt. Don’t worry about me. I’ll just be here in the kitchen with my head in the oven…
And there are some awesome things around today as well…

First there’s something fun in the NY Times. I find myself constantly explaining to people that certain aspect of attractiveness are pretty hardwired. Things like symmetry, large eyes, 0.7 waist-to-hip ratio, etc. Now the NY Time has a cool article on facial doctoring using “beautification software”. I find the results very interesting, if you look carefully you can see small changes in symmetry, a wider placement of the eyes, etc. It’s pretty cool. But you know what, I like my face the way it is.
And Afarensis has a post on Bill Nye and Naked Mole Rats! Naked Mole Rats are awesome, and Bill Nye is GREAT. Now I’m going to have to find all his old videos on YouTube and get all addicted all over again…
And finally, I could use some advice. Anyone use Google Reader? Mine’s got itself stuck on the last 36 posts from about a week ago. They won’t go away and I can’t seem to get access to read them. Advice?

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