Teh Links!

The SAUSAGE links…mmm…sausage… sorry, that was brought to you by the list of things I wish I had for breakfast. The life of a starving grad student is full of things you WISH you had for breakfast. Or lunch. Or any time really.
Scicurious has announcements!

The Zoo! I want to let people know (if you didn’t know already), that there will be a meet up at the Asheboro zoo in celebration of the millionth comment made on ScienceBlogs. And, in a rare twist of fate, Scicurious will be there. I think you should check her out. So if you want to see the most charming, funny, brilliant, loquatious, and indeed, most humble Sci, you should go too! She is eager to meet her many rabid fans (all three of them) Who else is going to be there? Does it matter? (ok, Sheril Kirshenbaum, James Hrynyshyn, Abel PharmBoy, ScienceWoman, Kevin, Zelnio, Dave and Greta Munger, Russ Williams, and our fearless organizer Bora) If you let us know now, you’ll go to the zoo free! And there will be food! I’ve heard good things about the Asheboro zoo, it’s gonna be a good time.
ScienceOnline ’09: I only heard about this a little while ago, there’s gonna be a conference! And registration is free! If you’ve got a science blog, want to start a science blog, think geeks are funny and like watching us trip over our own two feet when we step away from the computer, or just want to talk about science communication, register now! I might be there as well, should the fates intervene on my behalf. Last year’s was apparently a rockin’ time.
OpenLab08: Is a science blogging anthology. This is the third year this is going to happen, pulling together the best of science blogging in the blogsphere! And you should nominate people. In fact, I think you should nominate ME!!! Of course you should. Or nominate yourself, or someone else.
On to the links.
This is what happens when I take a few days off from the blogs (I have to, honestly, I can only stare at my computer screen for 120 hours out of the week). People KNOW I do it. And then they post their best stuff. Behind my back. Jerks. And then I come back all refreshed and open my google reader and see the magic (237) pop up. Yikes.
Encephalon 54 is up at Neurophilosophy! I liked the post from the Neurocritic on Borderline personality disorder. I used to think that that was when you worried too much about who you were. But obviously not. It’s a great article on the role of the insula, and there’s another one going with it about Borderline personality disorder and the mistrust of others (which makes me wonder if all NIH grantees have Boderline personality disorder).
Ok, I tried to find it. It was on my reader this morning. I swear. I can’t for the life of me remember who linked to it. So, hat tip to whoever you are, this is awesome. If you were like me as a little girl, reading Cosmo was the height of being ADULT when you were 13. And, now, I have LEARNED at the foor of the MASTERS the “many ways to please my man”.
In other things NOT sex related (shocking!), Tetrapod Zoology posted a really cool article on sleep postures! I found this really cool, since I’m one of those people who sees donkeys lying on their sides in fields and worries that they’re dead. They’re not dead! Yay!
Do you guys read Not Exactly Rocket Science? He is awesome, and I wish he’d been my science teacher when I was a kid. He’s got a thing on fearless mice, who may not be able to properly assess threats to themselves and their pups. He also wrote an awesome post on social rejection, apparently it really DOES make you feel cold and desire warm, comforting things. What does it say about my work that I REALLY want a blanket and some soup right now…
Living the Scientific Life has a GREAT post up on Bipolar disorder, especially as it occurs in children. I highly recommend. And ERV posted something really cool on Elite suppressors the other day, but I didn’t get a chance to link to it until now.
And particularly relevant to me right now while I’m teaching neuroanatomy, Developing Intelligence has something cool up on the nonspatial and nonmotoric functions of the parietal lobe. Yeah, I know to some of you that sounds like gibberish, but I looked at it and went “coooollll”.
And your dose of politics for the day: both candidates have now answered the 2008 Science Debate questions. There’s a side by side comparison.

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  1. I’m just not doing that landslide research this morning, am I?

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