And a few more things…

This is what I get for checking my RSS feeds before I leave the lab.  It’s an hour later and I’m still here!  There’s some cool stuff out there.

First, Neurophilosophy posting a great post on Memory Lessons from Homer Simpson.  Good clips, and the article is great!

In the realm of AWESOME GROSS THINGS:  Zooillogix has posted on the giant antarctic marine worm.  This thing is huge, completely gross, and really cool.  I think these might be the same things I hear off that eat whale carcasses.  Still want to be buried at sea?

And there have been a ton of really good posts on teaching recently.  I haven’t had time to really read them all, but Built on Facts has a really good on on how to be a good TA.  Being a TA, it resonated with me. 

Ok, now I’m REALLY going home.  Honest.  I’m not addicted to my work!  I’m not!  I’m not the one with the problem, YOU ARE!!!

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  1. Your timing is excellent – I was just putting together my very first lecture for a lab next week! 🙂 It totally backs up my reasoning that finding nifty demonstrations and getting excited about the whole thing might help.
    We’ll see how long I STAY excited, given that there are 12 labs to go…

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