And a few more things…

This is what I get for checking my RSS feeds before I leave the lab.  It’s an hour later and I’m still here!  There’s some cool stuff out there.

First, Neurophilosophy posting a great post on Memory Lessons from Homer Simpson.  Good clips, and the article is great!

In the realm of AWESOME GROSS THINGS:  Zooillogix has posted on the giant antarctic marine worm.  This thing is huge, completely gross, and really cool.  I think these might be the same things I hear off that eat whale carcasses.  Still want to be buried at sea?

And there have been a ton of really good posts on teaching recently.  I haven’t had time to really read them all, but Built on Facts has a really good on on how to be a good TA.  Being a TA, it resonated with me. 

Ok, now I’m REALLY going home.  Honest.  I’m not addicted to my work!  I’m not!  I’m not the one with the problem, YOU ARE!!!

Weird Puncture Wound Friday
I was GOING to do this AWESOME article that just came out in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, on how a woman’s walk can show whether or not she’s capable of vaginal orgasm, but unfortunately, I cannot get a hold of the article, the DOI is not coming up valid.  I don’t suppose anyone can get me this, in the interest of science and weird science fridays?! 

J Sex Med. 2008 Jul 15. [Epub ahead of print]
A Woman’s History of Vaginal Orgasm is Discernible from Her Walk.
Nicholas A, Brody S, de Sutter P, de Carufel F.

I can has? Continue reading