Carnivals and Jet-Lag, the stuff of a Monday

I’m still REALLY jetlagged from my conference last week, and still have a great deal of lab catching up to do.  But I’ve got some links, and I am also looking for some advice!  Advice on computers.  I am the nearest thing to computer illiterate.  I can code very badly in html, but the vast majority of this site’s prettiness is due to my lovely webmistress. 

So here’s the issue.  I put off buying a laptop for a few years, my previous one was working fine, and I want something nice.  However, now my old one appears to be breathing its last.  Everything’s working ok, but when it can’t detect my wireless internet, it is dead to me.  I’m stuck with Dell due to school policies and my data analysis programs.  Unfortunately, I am very unsure whether my programs will work in Vista.  So the questions are these:

1) If anyone works in Graphpad Prism, does it work in Vista? Same thing for the SnagIt program if anyone uses that.
2) Any idea if BASi HPLC software works in Vista?
3) Should I (and can I) just forgo Vista all together, uninstall it, and find XP somewhere and install that?

Advice on all of the above would be appreciated!  On to the links! 

First of all, there’s a new blog carnival!  Praxis is dedicated to the academic life, and the first issue can be found at Blog Around the Clock.  I got two posts in!  My powerpoint presentation don’ts have apparently been approved, as well as my recent post on animal research.  There are other really cool posts on there, including one on postdoc personalities (I have seen all of these, they exist among grad students as well), horror stories of the scientific variety, and a bunch more stuff on getting published, presenting data, etc.  It’s a good carnival, definitely check it out!

Second, anyone want to buy me this book?  I am but a poor grad student with no money of my own…

Neurophilosophy posted a link to the top 100 blogs for Mental Health and Psychology.  I think I need to blogroll ALL of these!

Female Science Professor has posted a lovely list of academic etiquette.  I need to keep this around.

And that’s all for today.  Now to get the work done that I SHOULD be doing…

6 Responses

  1. Put the book on your Wish List and put the link to your Wish List on your sidebar. It works. I got at least a dozen or two books from my readers that way over the years.

  2. Screw Vista. Stick with XP as long as you can. Vista is a memory hog.

  3. GraphPad Prism 5.0 works great on Vista. Prism 4 works ok on Vista, but there is a one-time tweak you need to use the first time. Write with your serial number, and we’ll explain it to you.

  4. Wow, from the Graphpad gurus themselves! Thanks!
    I may just suck it up, pay the $100, and downgrade to XP.

  5. Thank you for posting another good handful of links – I am simultaneously amused and rueful… as I compose the thank you letters to my references. *wince*

  6. An an owner of a laptop with Windows Vista, my advice is NO! Get something with Windows XP, or at least something that can altered to XP. I’ve found that Vista in unreliable and often will not allow access to public wireless networks. More trouble than it’s worth.

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