I Got A Cookie! And Other Links.

I have now returned from the Beyond, where I have been lost in Conference-Land for the past few days.  It’s amazing how time gets distorted.  I cannot say whether there will be a Weird Science Friday, as I am jet-lagged and loaded down with work for the job that I actually get PAID (sort of) to do.  But I did get a chance to check out all that I had missed on the blogs (over 600 articles, yikes).  Of course, not all of them got read, but some of them shall get linked!

First up:  The Giant’s Shoulders carnival is up at the Lay Scientist!  And I’m first!  I got a cookie!  And I was also described as “enigmatic”.  oooOOOooo. 

Secondly, regarding the post on Animal Research that I wrote a few days ago, a few more people have weighed in.  I got link love from Greg Laden!  I am a-swoon from the celebrite awesome, thought judging from some of the opinions expressed in the comments, very few people actually opted to READ my post.  Putting liptstick in the eyes of rabbits died with the 80’s, guys.  And good riddance.  DrugMonkey is doing an excellent series of posts on what it takes to DO animal research, including a post on IACUC oversight and one on the guide for the care and use of laboratory animals.  And there’s a sad, though somewhat amusing story from Discovering Biology in a Digital World about the first time she tried to handle a mouse.  For future reference, you gently pick up the mouse by the tail, put it on something wired so it has something to grip, and then gently run your fingers up the back and scruff it.  Mouse stays calm (their mothers scruff them and they’re very used to it, the babies will even pick up their feet automatically so they can be carried), you stay calm, and no one gets bit. 

The denialism boys have covered the latest thing on “Airborne”.  About time people realized the gimmick!  This sort of thing makes me very glad that I don’t have a TV, my brain doesn’t get quite so infected with ads. 

There’s also a really awesome post on a movie I want to see.  Discovering Biology in a Digital World has covered a movie about the Polio virus

And everyone and their brother is linking to the op-ed post in the NY Times about why we should teach evolution.  I read it also, and I also recommend it.

And there are two REALLY cool things abounding on teh blags. 

1) CANNIBALISM!!!!  Neurophilosophy has done a series of posts on the Fore people of New Guinea.  I think this is particularly fascinating, as I did one of my senior papers in undergrad on prion diseases.  And it’s cannibalism. 

2) Giant Sunfish.  These things are really cool, though I find them curiously ugly.   Fogonazos has done a cool post with many pictures, and I think now I want to eat one…

And now off to get work done.  I’ve got a LOT of class prep to do…

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