Tuesday Links of Awesome and Slightly-Crazy

Exhibit A: Mo over at Neurophilosophy has done it again! He’s posted several articles on trepannation (I think he has the same thing for holes in the head that I do), and now he has posted an interview with Heather Perry, the woman who recently had herself trepanned.  I found a couple of things interesting about the interview:

1) She talks several times about how she’s done “a lot of acid”.
2) Apparently she got a high off the process. (PLEASE, all you people out there who are just looking for more stupid ways to get high, DO NOT do this. Choking yourselves and sniffing toxic things is bad enough without also trying to drill a hole in your head.)
3) I don’t know if she actually got what she wanted out of it. She says it didn’t do anything for her Chronic Fatigue or for her depression, so I’m not really sure if results were positive.
4) She’s awfully calm for a chick with a hole in her head. And wouldn’t it be odd to walk around, get on the bus or something, and realize you’re standing next to someone with a deliberately drilled hole in their head?

Exhibit B: I heard about it from bioephemera, who got it from someone else, who…argh, blog telephone.  Anyway, the blogger and artist Saul Chernick has done a post on Sex and Death.  This is really interesting to me, as many of the woodcuts, pictures, and engravings are from the era of the Black Death, and I’ve got a thing for Yersinia pestis (such a CUTE little bug!).  Also, Melvin Bragg (of In Our Time, which is a radio show and podcast I referred to recently) did a show on the Black Death recently, and they spent a good bit of time talking about how art was affected, in particular the depictions of death.  I never thought I’d say this, but some of these 1520 woodcuts are actually NSFW.  You’ve been warned. 

Exhibit C: Have you heard of the Montauk Monster?  It’s a interestingly gross animal that washed up a few days ago, and Tetrapod Zoology does a lovely job of explaining how it’s not a sea turtle missing its shell, evidence that dinosaurs still walk the earth, or an alien.  Dang, I really was rooting for the alien…

Exhibit D:  I just wanted to give a shout out to the new readers (and of course the old readers, who are especially awesome for sticking with me through my blogging larval stages).  I got a couple of big links in over that Moaning and Sex post (thanks VERY much to the linkers, from your grateful linkee), and though I’m sure most people will probably just read that one, if you’ve stayed around, hi!  I’m thrilled you like my blog enough to keep going even when it’s NOT about sex.  And for those who want it ALL to be about sex:  see this, this, and this.   And comment!  Tell me what you think, if I’m wrong, and especially if you think I’m great.  I like it when I’m great.

4 Responses

  1. I think you’re great!

  2. I came upon your blog via Violet Blue (tinynibbles.com) and I’m digging it!

  3. heh well this is only the second post I’ve read, but it seems great 🙂

    As a newbie blogger I do want to know though, how do you get portions of your text behind a link? like you say ‘read more…here’ and I can click on the ‘here’ and get the rest of your article.

    At the moment my articles are hidiously long and could do with some separation from the main page, so it would be great if you could tell me how it’s done.


  4. Aw, thanks to Lab Rat and Leigh! And Leigh, I am also liking Violet Blue!

    Lab Rat: It depends on whether or not your blog host allows you to code in HTML or visual, but there’s always a way to do it. If you’re in html, for example, you should be able to insert a “read more here” thing by putting a small set of code in your post (usually you can find it on your hosting FAQs). If you’re in “visual” mode (which is sometimes also described as “rich text”) there might be a button at the top of the screen that will put in a jump for you. If neither of those work, I can ask my web mistress. She’s my guru of all computer-things-about-which-I-am-hopeless.

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