Encephalon is up!

The 51st edition of Encephalon is up at The Mouse Trap.   My favorite part has to be that it is covered in haikus.  So my endorsement of it shall go as follows:

Behold the Mouse Trap
and the new Encephalon
Carnival of BRAINS

Speaking of brains and better poetry than mine, the Scientific Indian has a cool post up on Shakespeare, with a link to a study on how Shakespeare and the brain interaction.   Shakespeare is such stuff as brain dreams are made on.

Also, Grand Rounds is up at Pure Pedantry.  This is a medicine-based blog carnival, and it includes musings on one of my favorite words: callipygian. 

And some cool stuff on the History of Science and why we should all appreciate it:  here, here, here, and here.  Ya’ll should check it out, and perhaps sometime in the near future I will get around to my own thoughts on the topic (if I have any).

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