The Giant’s Shoulders!

Yay!  The Giant’s Shoulders is up over at A Blog Around the Clock!  Many kudos to coturnix for putting all that work in, it’s a HUGE carnival.  I’m really excited.  I was looking to get just one post in there, but I got FOUR!  Clearly I need to get working for next month.  I was thinking something on the history of the Philosophy of Science…either that, or I can give you all what you apparently want, and give you a post on the history of Freud or something. 

Anyway, check it out!  It’s got some very cool stuff!

3 Responses

  1. So, when are you going to host?

  2. Erm…um…in six months??? I’ll sign up, really I will.

  3. I’m feeling exceptionally guilty about having been too busy with the move to get in on the inaugural edition…

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