Summer session’s almost over???

I’ve been enjoying my first teaching gig at the local community college. The students are plenty bright and have taught me quite a bit as well. Although they definitely didn’t like the midterm…
I’ll probably start talking a bit about my experiences, and about my job prospects in this transitional career mode. There are more opportunities out there than I figured there would be, but knowing how to find them is a challenge. Additionally, it’s time to start blogging about my horrific postdoc a bit. That should be entertaining. Who knows, maybe I’ll even feel like posting actual science again soon!

2 Responses

  1. Looking forward to hearing more about your path, EvilM.
    I’ll suggest a look at the group blog “The Alternative Scientist” for anyone else interested in these career issues…

  2. I just gave my midterm last night and got a perfect bell curve of grades! I don’t know how much they will like the exam, but this is better than in years past, when the mode was “F”.

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