Monday links of Distraction

Apparently it’s becoming big money for biotech companies to make hilarious ads. I do think it works, I know people in my department spend a ridiculous amount of time passing around funny science links.  And while we might laugh at the videos, the company name might very well stick in our head when the time comes to buy a new product for the lab. 

So without further ado, I show here the latest Biorad PCR ad, as well as the latest automated pipetting system ad.  I think they’re hilarious, myself, and yeah, it’s a commercial.  But hey, we all spend ages after the Superbowl talking about the commercials…

Also on your daily links of distraction, I present the Giant Microbes!  I love these things, they’re so cute and geeky.  My brother got me the neuron for my birthday, but I’ve been wanting the fat cell for ages, he’s so cute!  I can also recommend the algae.

Also, courtesy of deep sea news, Nuke the Whales!  Get them before they GET YOU.