First Things First

…I love google reader.  Until last night I was clicking quickly around my whole list of sites every day.  Now, my life seems so…streamlined.  Thus, are there any feeds around that I should know about?  I got the one for scienceblogs, and there’s one for Natureblogs (though I don’t know if I have the right one, this one hasn’t been updated in a very long time).  Does anyone have any suggestions of good feeds I should read? 

Under the list of other housekeeping things:  Encephalon went up on July 7th at Neuroscientifically Challenged.  I did submit something, but I guess it didn’t make it in. 😦  Time to up the quality, obviously.  Tangled Bank also went up last night over at Greg Laden’s Blog (which I’ve been reading more and more, great stuff on there, and the entire carnival’s in LOL cats!!) 

Under cool stuff: There’s a series on sea monsters up at Tetrapod Zoology!  Very fun, and complete with pictures.  I had no idea some of things things were even out there (though they appear to usually turn out as whales).   There is also a new blog up on Scienceblogs on the subject of Next Generation Energy.   A good site for those who are interested in what people are DOING about current energy problems. 

And a brief plug!  There’s a new blog carnival starting up on the History of Science!!!  It’s called “The Giant’s Shoulders”, and I really need to get my rear in gear to submit, now don’t I…

And your daily dose of fun:  PhD Comics, by Jorge Cham.  I met him when he came to my school, and he’s an awesome guy, though unfortunately he never put in a comic form my idea to write a Science Romance Novel called “Forbidden Chemistry”.  Sigh…he was going to take her on the lab bench, test tubes and pipetmen craching to the floor as he tore her lab coat asunder…I’ll put the first chapter up on the blog someday, also possibly along with my medical themed drama about a sexy nurse and the EMT who saves her life…and sets fire to her soul.

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