Posts of the Day

Due to the fact that a lot of my own deeper posts require some extensive background reading, and that I have to fit that in along with the fifty million things I also have to do, I here present legwork that other people have already done. 🙂 

First of all, I wanted to let people know (though I’m sure most people who care know already), that Encephalon went up yesterday at channel N, and it’s videoed!  This is an example of a carnival, which gathers together notable posts from the past month in a particular field.  Unfortunately I was too late to submit to Encephalon this month, but I’m really hoping to get in next month!

I had someone ask me about epilepsy.  While I put together that post (and it may indeed be a good while in the making), there’s a post up at Neurodisorder on acquired epilepsy, which is a special variety of epilepsy acquired following brain injury.  It’s a bit high on the science jargon, but very informative.

I’ve also recently discovered a blog on psycedelic drugs!  This is awesomely interesting to me, but it is also pretty heavy science reading, so be warned. 

And…that’s about it for today.  There’s WAY too much stuff that has to get done right now…

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