More Classic Science Papers

SFN is generally a great organization to belong to, and I love their resources (though going to the annual meeting is the equivilant of salmon going home to spawn, I have never been checked out as much in my LIFE as I am at the annual meeting.  Neuroscientists don’t get out much).  Barn Owl pointed me toward a set of classic articles that SFN has!  It’s not quite as comprehensive as the on I posted on previously for psychology, but it’s got some nice ones on the history of action potentials (a lot of Hodgkin), and a bunch of stuff on synaptic function (especially the work of Katz).  It’s some really cool stuff.  Who knows, maybe I’ll cover it some day! 

Right now posting is taking a back seat to trying to get my grant progress report in on time.  I must be the ONLY PERSON left in the UNIVERSE who doesn’t qualify for eSNAP.