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Skullsinthestars has posted my Phineas Gage post on his challenge!  I hope he’s also willing to post the next one, I found the original article that Freud wrote on the therapeutic uses of cocaine!  Right up my alley, that one.  Check out all the entrants over at the challenge, there’s some cool stuff there, including the original Beadle and Tatum experiment by ecoli (I wish I’d thought of that one), Otto Weiner’s experiment on the polarization of light by skullsinthestars, a report on the earliest axons in a bird embryo by guadalupe storm-petrel, and even more on geology and biochemistry.  I expect there will be a big flood of them being put up soon, so keep checking!  Most of these are papers on which a lot of modern science is based, so it makes for some very cool reading!

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