Passage of an Iron Rod Through the Head

When I joined in the historical article challenge from skullsinthestars, my first thought was that I wanted to write on Phineas Gage.  Alas, for I am but a young science blogger, and I should have known better.  Phineas Gage is, after all, one of the most famous patients in all of medicine, and one of the founding cases of neurology and modern behavioral neuroscience.  So there are many bloggers, most far better than I, who have been there before me (for instance there’s an excellent post over at neurophilosophy, as well as one at Restrospectable).   Phineas Gage is even known in the modern media, and was mentioned in a recent episode of In Our Time, and is of course covered in every Intro Psychology class in college.  So for the challenge, I’m doing something else, and it will happen (and has to happen soon!  I didn’t realize the deadline was so close!).  Continue reading