“Oh no, I would never do cocaine– I’m much smarter than that. But I have a close friend who isn’t.

He took it through the nose, which left a drip in the back of his throat that tasted like pulverized clam shells and made his tongue numb…

Otherwise, he wasn’t impressed, and he did not want to do it again, which surprised him when he learned how addictive cocaine is. He doesn’t know why he got lucky. Maybe it was because he has ADHD? Maybe because he took Ritalin as a child? But Ritalin doesn’t work on the same part of the brain as cocaine, does it?”

You are smart never to do cocaine. 🙂 I would sure as heck never do that stuff. Chocolate will always be my personal drug of choice. Though now I’m really curious as to what exactly pulverised clam shells tastes like…

But as information for the masses (because I has it), cocaine and Ritalin actually work in a very similar way. I’m going to try very hard to explain this without excessive use of science-speak, partially because I don’t want people to give up reading halfway through with a headache, and partially because I would like to improve my science writing. And finally, because I think this stuff is INSANELY COOL. And I can’t deny that it would be great if everyone else thought it was cool, too. But it will involve some background.

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Are YOU Scicurious?

Greetings and welcome to my new blog!  To those who have seen the old one, thanks for following me over!  There may be some glitches as I work out the new site, but hopefully posts will start appearing soon.  I’ll start with some re-postings of some old stuff, but hopefully move on very soon to newer stuff (which is already in progress). 

Who is scicurious?  She is a graduate student struggling through the vagaries of a PhD in Physiology and Pharmacology at a southeastern university.  She tried to stay focused on her work, but she can’t help it, she’s sci-curious.  In her free time, she is a nerd, a geek, and also a dork.   And every once in a while, she talks about herself in the third person.