SHOCKER: Gonzalez Denied Tenure!!!

Actually this is completely anticlimactic. The Regents rarely take a differing view on tenure decisions from the tenure committee itself. So sorry Tara, you got it wrong… the decision is already out:

The Iowa Board of Regents has denied Guillermo Gonzales’, associate professor of physics and astronomy, appeal for tenure. After a private deliberation, the Board voted down the appeal which has already been denied by Iowa State University and ISU President Gregory Geoffroy.

No details at this point. But look for the Discovery Institute Spin Room to start kvetching at any moment, if they haven’t already. At least Casey Luskin will have something to whine about besides his inability to figure out internet image copyright stuff. Might I suggest that he begin by taking a cue from my post title and just pretend that Gonzalez was actually thrice denied tenure– once by the tenure board, once by the Preznident, and once by the Board of Regents– for maximum martyrhood?
It’s practically Biblical.

5 Responses

  1. Oh shaddup. I was a bit busy this morning with grant stuff and children…and you missed Bill’s article in the Tribune, which has more info.

  2. I’m looking forward to the Crown Of Thorns collection by the DI too.

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