Happy Darwin Day!!! Earn Some Cash!!!

It’s official! In honor of Darwin Day celebrations everywhere, the Alliance for Science is having their first annual Evolution Essay contest! This year’s question: Why would you want your doctor to have studied evolution?
Pop on over for contest details, if you’re a high school student. First prize is $300, Second is $200, etc. Plus there are a lot of autographed books on evolution that you can win!!! Teachers, prompt your students. If yours wins you get $250 towards lab supplies! Students, submit something! For 1000 words you can buy a semester’s worth of books in college, or make a month’s payment on your car!
Also, if you’re philanthropically-minded, consider donating to the AfS. If you like the essay contest and want your contribution set aside specifically for next year’s prize money, just make a note of it on your check and AfS will make sure it doesn’t get used for anything else. Sorry we’re not set up for Paypal right now.

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