Will Webb take Virginia from Macaca, help restore some scientific sanity to the Senate?

As it stands now, Webb is down 0.5% of the vote to George Felix “Macaca” Allen Jr. with 95% of precincts reporting in. Unfortunately for Macaca, I just checked the VA election results site and the precincts left are all in Webb territory– Prince William’s, Loudon, Richmond City, Newport counties.
I believe that if the results are within 0.5%, there is a mandatory recount in VA. Here’s to hoping a non-racist is elected senator in VA tonight, and helps bring a semblance of accountability back to the US Senate.
Along with a few extra bucks to the NIH. Ok so I’m biased.

3 Responses

  1. hey, as a macaca i take offense 🙂

  2. Unfortunately those “precincts” that haven’t reported are the absentee ballots, which I am told tend to go Republican.
    You can look at them by precinct to see that they are absentee.

  3. Actually this year, there was an overabundance of absentee ballots from the Northern VA area, which will undoubtedly swing towards Webb. Anybody’s guess.

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