Dammit Tara, You Took My Answer!

Oh well. At least she has good taste in movies. In the meantime, I’ll file this under “H” for “scooped”.
SEED asks us What movie do you think does something admirable (though not necessarily accurate) regarding science? Real Genius takes the cake. I must have seen that movie 10 times when it came out (back when movies were $2.50). When college rolled around, I could totally relate– there was way too much brain power in our suite of 8 and our social circle; granted we had a number of people rotate in and out, but the 201/2F tradition spawned numerous physicians, at least 2 Ph.D.s, a CPA, an architect, Master’s degrees in public policy and public health, a vet, teachers, and that’s just off the top of my head. And some of us are planning on getting multiple degrees so this saga is far from over.
I spent most of my college life in the lab, but the rest of the time was full of Real Genius hijinks, just not on the same level. We fooled the vending machine in the girls dorm using a dollar bill with tape on it instead of coin-sized frozen CO2 chips. We didn’t put a car in anybody’s room but we did occasionally fill it with the furniture from the suite, or trap them in their room by barring the door with a couch. Once I came home and found one of our friends passed out on the floor of my locked dorm room. To this day, I have absolutely no idea how she got there; a classic A.C. Doyle locked-room mystery. Not a week went by without some sort of messy, bag-of-shaving-cream-under-the-door warfare with the guys across the wall, or the ever popular “leaner”.
No one was found naked with a bowl of Jell-O, but I do have photographic evidence of drunk Brian shoving a banana up his ass and then eating it. I’m sure he was just hot and hungry.
We didn’t make an ice rink or release any new viruses, but we did engage in chemical warfare with the meathead jocks in the suite above us. Since the most creative thing they could come up with was lobbing ice cream cones from the cafeteria at our window for days on end, we retailiated only once… by pilfering sodium sulfide from lab and adding it to water balloons for potent stink bombs***. Needless to say the nerds won the day. Just like in the movies.
*** granted that wasn’t the best idea since hydrogen sulfide is emitted and can cause serious burns, but thankfully nobody got hurt. Don’t try this at home, kids.

5 Responses

  1. Personally, I admired the ability of the guys in Real Genius to sucessfully align a beam relay system with about twenty optics and a lever arm of like half a kilometer by just sorta eyeballin’ it. Wish I could do that.

  2. He probably only eyeballed the first mirror when Mitch was busy checking stuff, the others were probably aligned before that.

  3. It’s about time you spilled some 201/2F beans. Heh heh…

  4. You’re headed for a fruitstick beatdown if you keep that up, crackerjack.

  5. oh oh oh!
    don’t forget about the time brian dumped a whole tin of cocoa powder on said meathead’s head from the suite above and then ran across the bathroom and down the stairs to hide with the 3D gals. good times….

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