I Will Show You Fear in a Handful of Funds

Argh. Why the hell am I doing this? What makes me think I’ll even get this damn grant? Like Shelley, I’m in NRSA-scramble mode right now. The deadline is August 5th. This is wasted effort. I could be posting juicy research tidbits on SEED but nooooo, I have to try and procure funding.
I hate this process. HATE it. I know they’re supposed to be impartial, but there’s no way they’re going to fund me when I already have intramural support for up to 5 years. But I have to play the game. Someday they’ll hit me with their Catch-22: why didn’t you receive merit-based funding? If I say I didn’t try then I risk looking lazy. If I say I tried and failed, then I won’t get rewarded for a track record of failure.
I know they’re not going to fund me because my grades were never stellar. I know that they’re not going to fund be because I’m proposing a hormone therapy as an intervention (which is so 2002), not some fancy mechanistic explanation. I know they’re not going to fund me because my proposed advisor doesn’t have a background in rodent behavior, even though she’s an endocrinologist with primate behavior experience and I have both rodent and primate experience.
I know I won’t get funded because every grant I touch turns to dust.

Suicide Hotlines? Who needs ’em?

The latest soon-to-be casualty to the Bush administration’s attempt to break all useful government programs is 1-800-SUICIDE. Given their track record of scrubbing information oriented to LBGT youth (who happen to be a major at-risk category) from other such sites receiving government money, I think it is clear that we can’t trust the Culture of Life Strife on this one. Imagine that.
Click. Read. Act.

Encephalon #3 is your bitch

We haven’t done enough Neuropimping this week. Go visit Encephalon and get your fill of the best neuro on the net in the last couple weeks. Just remember, cash up front.