Ken Lay dies

This is very strange. Convicted Enron exec Ken Lay has apparently died. I can’t get to the article because it is behind the NY Times firewall but the link is here.

Enron Founder Kenneth Lay Reported to Be Dead
Published: July 5, 2006
Kenneth L. Lay, who was convicted of fraud and conspiracy for his part in Enron’s collapse, has died of a heart attack, a Houston television station reported.

Not to be a conspirasy theorist but this just a little too convenient. 20 bucks sez he was to cooperate for a reduced sentence. Not that he wouldn’t have gotten a presidential pardon…

2 Responses

  1. Voodoo? Many people must have wished his death.

  2. no, i vote for divine intervention.
    i think mortal punishment wasn’t enough…. the powers that be stepped in and decided to take matters into his/her/its own hands.
    payback’s a bitch.

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