When Ecuador Attacks!!!!

Despite the United State’s disappointing loss to Ghana, I remain a stalwart Cup Addict. While rooting for the home team is fun, the US is not really my favorite team. In fact, I have many favorites…

Italy is tops, then whoever is playing Brazil comes next. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching Brazil, I’m just sick to death of seeing them win so I cheer for the opposing team. Unless that team is France. Can you tell I’m still bitter about the 1998 Cup?
England is always enjoyable to watch, and they’re currently playing in their first elimination match against Ecuador, the team I predicted to be a spoiler.
Not surprisingly, Ecuador has already struck a blow to England’s confidence– around 10 minutes into the game, a breakaway by one of the Ecuadorians almost resulted in a goal, thwarted only by Ashley Cole running full-steam and sliding a well-placed foot in on the shot, causing the ball to be redirected just enough to glance off the crossbeam. This one is definitely gonna be tense, especially given England’s penchant for wearing themselves out after 70 minutes. Come to think of it, England might as well give up the ghost because they’ll never make it past Germany in the next round Brazil in the semifinals. Germany, who is playing some fancy, eye-pleasing football for a change, looked dynamite in their first elimination game against Sweden.
Oh my god. I just called it “football”.

2 Responses

  1. well, England won, but nly on a set peice. i think they played a dull game and don’t expect them to move beynd the next round.

  2. I was recently on vacation in Peru, and although they are neighbours with Ecuador, they seem to prefer Argentina in the Cup.

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