A new twist: Dembski should rethink his associations….

PZ recently brought up Ann Coulter’s new book. A couple other Seed bloggers have mentioned Dembski’s association with Coulter, and his pride at having assisted her with writing the evolution chapter of her new pustule book entitled “Godless”. Recent events lead me to wonder whether that was a good idea on his part. But I’m not referring to the asinine nature of her rhetoric….

Now to be sure, some of the following examples might be a bit overreaching, but it appears that Ms Mr. Coulter may have engaged in some unseemly literary behavior. Specifically, she very well might have taken others works and passed them off as her own with minimal rewriting and no citations or acknowledgement of the original author. This behavior is also known as plagiarism.
In the future, perhaps Dembski should rethink his associations. Unless he would rather clarify exactly what was meant by “help”, and to what degree Mr. Coulter’s writings reflect his own opinions (or writings, for that matter).

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